1. Direct Beneficiaries

The Program targets to train and empower 2,00agripreneurs and aim to create agribusinesses over the Program period. Each of the agribusinesses will employ on average five other support workers, generating 10,000 direct jobs. Incubatee graduates whose proposals will not access finance under the Program, will be positioned and linked to the private sector to secure professional agri-based jobs. 

The eight identified host institutions housing YABICs will benefit from improved infrastructure and capacity buildup. The host counties will also have access to these facilities and could utilize them as learning centers to build capacity for other agripreneurs. 

The Agriculture Finance Corporation as a key Program implementing partner in administering finance component of the program, will benefit through recapitalization and access to alternative resources. The Corporation’s staff will equally be trained enhancing the capacity of the corporation to deliver on its mandate.  

2. Indirect Beneficiaries

The Program will impact on a number of indirect beneficiaries. These will include;

  1. Benefitting Households, incubatees will be drawn from households whose income and livelihoods will considerably improve as a result of the Program.
  2. Host Communities YABICs and the resultant agribusinesses will be located in communities that will benefit by having knowledge and learning points and through purchase of raw materials.
  3. Farmers having youth entrepreneurs linking them to markets will benefit as other actors along the value chains due to the up-scaled activities along the agricultural priority value chains.
  4. Other beneficiaries include PFIs who will be catalyzed to diverse their portfolio by including the youth, suppliers of equipment, contractors, consultants and designated service providers to the program.