Implementing agency/ agencies and key partners and their specific roles and contributions

The Ministry is charged with coordination and management of agricultural development in the country. MoALF&C is the executing and implementing agency for the Program through the State Department for Crop Development and Agricultural Research, which has designated the Program Implementation Unit (PIU).

The Government of Kenya through the National Treasury signed a Financing Agreement with the African Development Bank (AfDB) to fund the implementation of the ENABLE Youth Kenya Program. The National Treasury with Agricultural Finance Corporation (AFC) will enter into Subsidiary Loan Agreements for the on-lending of the financing facilities to AFC. The National Treasury will also provide the counterpart funding and oversight financial management for the Program.

The African Development Bank (AfDB) and Government of Kenya will fund the implementation of the ENABLE Youth Kenya Program. The ENABLE Youth Program initiative was designed for several countries across the African continent and Kenya is among the countries implementing the Program. The ENABLE Youth Kenya Program is also consistent with the principles of key regional and national initiatives as well as Bank Group policies and strategies. These include the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program (CAADP) and the Bank’s High 5s especially Feed Africa and Improve the Lives of Africans.

The host institutions will collaborate with the County government particularly under the outreach initiative. Through the YABICs the counties are expected to offer support through identification of individuals, firms and farms for coaching, mentorship, attachment and exchange visits of incubatees. The YABIC will develop a working relationship with counties to mobilize resources from within the county and their development partners for sustainability and upscaling of the incubation programme. 

The host institutions are national public training institutions whose mandate includes education, training, research, consultancy and provision of agricultural extension services.

The institutions were selected to host YABICs based on their willingness, availability of space, land, and basic structures that meet the needs for operating an incubation center, qualified staff, training facilities and equipment. 

Program Steering Committee (PSC)

The Program Steering Committee is the highest organ of the Program implementation structure and will be responsible for Program oversight, overall policy guidance and strategic direction. It constitutes twelve representatives of Principal Secretaries (PSs) from relevant Government Departments and chaired by the Principal Secretary, State Department for Crop Development and Agricultural Research. Other stakeholders will be invited and co-opted on a need basis.

The objective of the Program will be attained through training, nurturing, financing and mentorship in Youth Agribusiness Incubation Centres (YABICs). The incubation program targets graduates who have an interest and passion in agribusiness. They will apply for admission and selection will be conducted by an independent firm to guarantee fairness, transparency and efficiency. There will be two categories for the incubation entry level namely, standard incubatees and accelerators. The focal person will perform administrative duties and coordinate the activities of the YABICs with service providers designated by the Ministry. 

The Agricultural Finance Corporation of Kenya (AFC) will host and manage the three Program financing facilities i.e. the interest-free facility, the credit facility and the risk guarantee fund.  The risk guarantee fund is intended to catalyse additional resources to youth in the agricultural sector. By providing a partial risk guarantee, the scheme will catalyze the ability of Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs) to consider funding youth agripreneurs who are generally considered risky borrowers.

Service providers and Consultancies

The Program will engage the services of several consultants and service providers in the course of implementation.